I’d like to inform about Web Applications performing Group Charter

I’d like to inform about Web Applications performing Group Charter

The objective associated with online Applications performing Group (Web WG) is always to create requirements that facilitate the growth of client-side internet applications.

Start date 14 May 2019
End date 31 May 2021
Chairs LГ©onie Watson (TetraLogical), Marcos CГЎceres (Mozilla)
Team Contacts Xiaoqian Wu (0.1 FTE )
Meeting Schedule Teleconferences: topic-specific telephone calls will undoubtedly be held whenever required. Face-to-face: we are going to fulfill through the W3C’s yearly Technical Plenary week; extra face-to-face conferences may be planned by permission of individuals.


The range associated with internet performing Group is:

  • Haptic input products and their emitted occasions and/or information.
  • Textual text and input manipulation.
  • Information sharing across remote and web that is local.
  • Acting and receiving upon information from remote sources.
  • Accessing the file system and storage that is persistent.
  • Interfacing with OS capabilities.
  • Integrating internet applications with all the OS.

The group that is working keeps a specification for mapping HTML elements and attributes to platform accessibility APIs, and a split specification that describes writer conformance needs for establishing ARIA characteristics. The performing Group will not expect you’ll include some other requirements with this matter.

Requirements created by the internet Working Group permit developers to produce internet applications that really work across a range that is wide of and products, as well as an extensive variety of users, by handling things of accessibility, unit liberty, internationalization, privacy, and protection.

Success Criteria

So that you can advance to Proposed Recommendation, each specification should have at the very least two independent implementations in wide usage.

Each specification should have a test that is accompanying, that will be preferably developed in parallel to your specification. The test suite will be employed to create an implementation report ahead of the specification transitions to Proposed Recommendation.

Where you will find implications for implementors, designers, or users, when you look at the regions of accessibility, internationalization, privacy, and protection, each specification will need to have an area that defines appropriate benefits, restrictions, and practice solutions that are best for the specific area.


Additional information about online Working Group requirements are available in the GitHub repository.

Normative Specifications

The internet performing Group will provide the after normative requirements.

Degree 1 associated with the API that represents gamepad products, and allows internet applications to behave upon gamepad information.

Degree 2 aims to offer the abilities of next generation gamepads.

Improvements to activities for text and input that is related provide for the monitoring and manipulation of standard web browser behavior when you look at the context of text editor applications along with other applications that handle text input and text formatting. Degree 1 provides the JS editor information regarding proposed modifications through the individual, nonetheless it makes the DOM that is related be non-cancelable most of the time.

Degree 2 provides the JS editor information details about the proposed modifications through the user and allows the JS author cancel the changes the web web browser otherwise might have done.

Specification definition
File API An API for representing file things in internet applications, along with programmatically picking them and accessing their information.
Gamepad API
Indexed Database API An API for a database of documents keeping simple values and hierarchical things. The edition that is third brand brand new abilities and improves designer ergonomics simply by using claims.
Intersection Observer An API which you can use to know the exposure and place of DOM elements („targets“) relative to a containing element or to your top-level viewport („root“).
Pointer Lock An API providing you with access that is scripted natural mouse movement information while securing the mark of mouse occasions to just one element and getting rid of the cursor from view.
drive API An API for giving push communications to an internet application, via a push service.
Screen Orientation API An API for reading display orientation, being informed of display screen orientation changes, and securing display screen orientation to a certain state.
online App Manifest A JSON-based manifest file that delivers designers with a central destination to place metadata connected with an internet application.
Clipboard API and Events An API for accessing information regarding the operational system clipboard.
Input Occasions
Selection API APIs for selection, which enable users and writers to pick a percentage of a document or specify point of great interest for content, paste, as well as other modifying operations.
ContentEditable granted values and anticipated actions for the attribute that is contenteditable.
HTML Accessibility API Mappings (AAM) Defines exactly how user agents map HTML elements and attributes to platform accessibility APIs.
ARIA in HTML Defines the net designer guidelines (author conformance requirements) for ARIA features on HTML elements.
UI Events UI Activities that increase the DOM Event objects defined within the DOM specification.
UI Events KeyboardEvent code values The values for the KeyboardEvent.code feature, that will be thought as an element of the UI Events Specification.
UI Events KeyboardEvent key Values The values when it comes to attribute that is key when you look at the UI occasions specification.

WICG requirements

With respect to the WICG progress, the Group could also create W3C suggestions for the documents that are following


Specification definition
Cookie shop An asynchronous Javascript snacks API for documents and employees.
internet Share API An API for sharing text, links as well as other content to an arbitrary location of this individual’s option.
online Share Target An API which allows web sites to declare by themselves as internet share goals, that may receive provided content from either the Web Share API, or system occasions ( e.g., stocks from indigenous ).
Badging An API permitting internet applications to create an application-wide badge, shown in a operating-system-specific spot from the application (like the rack or house display), for the intended purpose of notifying the consumer once the state for the application changed ( e.g., whenever brand brand new communications have actually appeared), without showing a far more heavyweight notification.